Synchro Arts | Titan 4

Titan is a set of three processes for use in audio post production workflows.

  • Flash Conform - conforms multi-channel location sound recordings to picture editors EDL’s.
  • Fix Sync - corrects synchronization discrepancies between location sound and audio from the picture editors.
  • Flash Cutter - re-cuts Pro Tools sessions to follow changes in picture edits.

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Synchro Arts | Titan | India | Bhalerao Enterprises


  • Creates Pro Tool 9 sessions
  • Better handling of badly formatted audio files, will create file error report.
  • Improved conform reports.
  • Creates a simplified text report file that can be used in other applications.
  • Warning if Source and Destination frame rates do not match the EDL.
  • Can read Light Works EDL’s.


  • Now works with Pro Tools 9


  • Compatible with Pro Tools 9.
  • Improved alignment in fast mode.
  • Sample accurate alignment mode.
  • Can now operate on sessions which contain AUX, MIDI, and other non audio tracks.


  • Copy protected with iLok to allow the program to be easy moved.
  • Backwards compatibility – Also comes with a copy of Titan 3.1.4 for compatibility with Pro Tools 6 and earlier sessions.


  • Mac OSX 10.5 or higher and an Intel processor.


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