TritonAudio | D2O Tube/Fet Stereo

D2O Stereo comes in a 19", high quality aluminum enclosure and has a built in power supply. A big Stereo sound in a single unit rack!  

D2O is a low noise discrete microphone preamp inspired by the famous German V series preamps of the 40's and 50's, widely recognized as one of the best sounding preamps ever developed.

D2O's general layout consists of a Lundahl 1571 input transformer followed by 2 single ended gain stages. The second gain stage can be selected to be either a high gain Fet or a Tube stage. when the high gain, all Fet circuit is engaged D2O becomes an ideal companion for microphones with a relatively low output like ribbon microphones. With the hybrid Fet/Tube circuit is engaged the sonic benefits of having a tube in the signal path can be utilized. Output drive is supplied by a discrete low impedance Fet buffer with superb sonic properties. Quality Paper in oil coupling capacitors are used, all other used components are high-end grade aswell.    

Low noise / low esr power supply:  In single ended preamp designs the quality of the power supply is crucial, D2O is fitted with a discrete low esr voltage regulator built with low noise components enabling optimal performance to the amplifier circuit.    

Switchable transformer ratio / input impedance:  By selecting the transformer ratio switch a selection between a 1:1.75 (LO) or 1:3.5 (HI) transformation ratio can be made. Besides setting voltage gain, this also switches the input impedance of the amplifier between 2.25KOhm and 6.25 KOhm. Different transformation rate and impedance selection options are very desirable as they allow for more sonic options from the connected microphone.    

Selectable all Fet or Tube-Fet circuit:  The Tube-Fet switch determines whether D2O functions as an hi gain, all Fet or hybrid Tube-Fet circuit, each with its unique sonic character.


Gain D2O all Fet: 70 dB 
Gain D2O Tube/Fet: 60 dB 
EIN: -128dB 
Headroom: 32 dB 
Input impedance: 2,25 KOhm / 6.25K Ohm 
Output impedance: 100 Ohm 
Power supply: 24V AC 
Input: XLR 
Output: XLR / 1/4" jack 

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