UVI: Jazzistic

A Versatile Collection of Instruments, Kits, Loops and Tools dedicated to Jazz  First, lets begin with the instruments. All instruments in Jazzistic were professionally multi-sampled in a commercial studio with fantastic jazz instrumentalists : Jean Christophe Calvet (drums), Pierre Yves Lamy (guitars) and Olivier Gatto (double bass). We utilized only the best gear and leveraged our extensive experience to ensure that these sounds are of the highest quality and suited especially for jazz.

Ready-to-Play Instruments and Sophisticated Jazz Patterns

Instruments included:

Double Basses 
Jazz Guitars
Vintage Rhodes MK1
Hammond B3
Drum Kits

In addition to playable instruments, Jazzistic comes packed with over 200 jazz patterns in MIDI, perfect for loading up into your sequencer or MOTU BPM, as well as over 1,000 loops and phrases cover basic to very sophiscated jazz patterns including categories such as Swing, Brushes, Latino, Herbie, Funky Jazz, Big Band, Breakbeat and more. 

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