UVI: MachFive Biosphere

A High Quality Collection of Synthetic Sounds

MachFive Biosphere offers a high quality collection of synthetic sounds created with the sophisticated synthesis engine in the award-winning MachFive 3 sampler from MOTU.

We created hundreds of lush ambient pads, rich textures, morphing layers, and atmospheric resonances - all ready to use in the free UVI Workstation 2 or the deftly featured MachFive 3.

Categories include Arp-Rhythm, Atmospheres, Bass-Sub, Bells, Brass-Poly, Choirs, Chords, Composite, Distorted, Keys, Leads, Organs, Pads, Plucks, Sweeps, and Synth FX.

Many of these programs take full advantage of UVI macro controls, giving you powerful sound design control with minimal complexity. 

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