VB-Audio: C10-Limiter Pack

i) C10-Limiter 
The ultimate multi-band compressor/limiter. 

Processings available on each of the 10 bands :  
Phase Correlation Control.
Pan Control.
Up to 250-ms stereo delay.
Interaural shifting +/- 50ms.
Compression 1:1 to 1:8.
Threshold from -3db to -30db.
Knee Control.
Attack/Release Time Setting.
"Auto Make Up Gain" Function.
Post Compression Gain.
Full Processing-Management Console (Mute/Reset interface).
Band-Grouping Interface.
Preset Manager with UNDO/REDO.  
Full measuring tools are integrated. 

ii) D10-Limiter 
The reverse function of C10 :  de-compression ! 

With D10, get your lost dynamics back and start again on good groundings for your re-mastering or audio restoration works. When nothing can help you get more power and make your master-tape sound, it is often because the original signal is squashed and flattened. The sound remains monolithic and any attempt to improve it, even with just a simple EQ, eventually leads to signal deterioration.

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