VB-Audio: SculpturA Pack

i) Spectro SculpturA 


The Mixer-like 9-band Graphical EQ ! Spectro SculpturA extracts 9 frequency bands from the audio spectrum and lets you taylor your sound like never before ! 

ii) TONE-Four 

The 4-band Graphical EQ.  The first F.I.R-type graphical EQ : Tone-4, originally bundled with the SculpturA pack in 1999, has been fuly revised too, so that it is now able - among other features - to process signals with high samplerates (ex : 192 Khz).  

iii) Tone-Param 

The only realtime F.I.R-type parametric EQ available. Designed as if you were facing a safe, no doubt that Tone-Param will allow you to open new gates. 

iv) TONE-Shelf  


Spectral balance with only 3 knobs !  This EQing unit splits the spectrum in two parts, according to a chosen center frequency and gives you control over the frequencies located to the left (lows) and to the right (highs) of this center frequency. A very handy tool when you need to adjust the overall colour of a master tape. 

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