VB-Audio: Striptool V2

Basic Processings for fast and easy mixing.

Striptool V2 includes the following features:  

-24 to +24 dB Input Gain.  
Semi-param EQ (pre-compressor). 
"Post-Compressor EQ" switch. 
"SIDE-CH" button allowing the EQ signal to be routed to the control input of the compressor. 
Compressor with 3 preset knee-settings (Hard, Medium, Soft). 
12 and 24-db/octave low-pas and high-pass filters. 
Full-featured compressor (threshold, rate, attack and release times). 
Output Gain Long-Throw Fader from -48 to +48 dB.   
Input Level VU-meter.   
Gain reduction VU-meter.   
Output level VU-meter.   
Global level-display window ("DISPLAY METER" button). 
EQ response-curve display window ("DISPLAY FREQ. RESP." button).   


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